Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hex Mania

Well I am new to this blogging and I think it hates me.  I upgrade my profile and get error messages so I have to wait while they see why the error.  I did this blog before but I didnt save it, so now I know why there is nothing on the page.  Do you ever feel like you are jinked?  Well they say it runs in 3, and I already had two on this spot.

I am making a hexagon quilt, my first .  I love it. I like that I can take it with me, when I go camping, take my folks places  because they are in their 80s.  I have used paper and made my own templates out of the template plastic.  It worked out fine, but the paper isnt as great as the templates.  I could of ordered them but with just starting out in quilting there are so many things I want, so I did it myself.  I took some pixs but the way my night is going I will post them tomorrow night..  It would be my 3rd strike.  I basted them and then I used the glue stick.  That works great.  Enough for now bed is calling me, till tomorrow.

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